28% revenue returns to ‘working media’ and 46% of ads are never seen. When will people see that programmatic advertising is a dying beast?

“Programmatically purchased ads routinely under-perform in terms of viewability when assessed against the Media Ratings Council standard. On average, almost half (46%) of programmatic ads are not viewable. Latest Warc Report Focus on Threats to the Digital Advertising Ecosystem, Bizcommunity.com, 29.03.18   I’m grateful to ad fraud researcher extraordinaire Dr Augustine Fou for pointing me in the […]

Your average politician doesn’t understand the business model of the surveillance economy. The average Addiply publisher will, Andrew….

“I think this paralysis has been explained by sheer dazzlement – and, in some cases, infatuation – with the scale and reach of these companies. This has been combined with ignorance, among voters as well as their leaders, about how they actually work.   Your average politician thought “getting digital” meant opening a Twitter account, […]

In my humble opinion, Dame Cairncross should start drinking more beer. She might, just, get where the world of media is heading…

Let’s take Dame Frances Cairncross herself: her experience as a senior editor at The Economist and an economic columnist for The Guardian gives her plenty of insight into national business journals and broadsheets. But how aware is she of the paucity of the regional press, its lack of resources to staff local news properly, and […]

Johnny, Jason and I are of like minds…. when it comes to GDPR, the IAB and the wolves on Wall Street, trust no-one.

IAB Europe is asking publishers and brands to expose themselves to the legal risk of routinely sharing these personal data with several thousand adtech companies. What publishers and brands need is a “trust no one” approach. IAB Europe is proposing a “trust everyone” approach. Johnny Ryan, Risks in IAB Europe’s proposed consent mechanism, 20.03.18 Let’s […]

Rothenberg sees the EU ‘killing’ digital media. Behold the landscape the embattled IAB chief seeks to defend…

The basic functionality of the internet, which is built on data exchanges between a user’s computer and publishers’ servers, can no longer be used for the delivery of advertising unless the consumer agrees to receive the ads – but the publisher must deliver content to that consumer regardless… Randall Rothenberg, IAB ‘European regulators are about to […]

Takeaways from #JournoSummit17? That it’s high time people picked a side. And that Alison Gow knows her onions.

What’s around us currently is the death of the old top-down model of making things happen through hierarchies, organisations and institutions, and the growth of the bottom-up model – collaborative people power and collective action. Cindy Gallop: Its Time to Rethink the Advertising Business, September 2012. On Friday I dipped my toe back in the […]

Time to revisit Evslin’s Law of ad networks as the world and his wonk of a wife fleece hapless publishers dry

“The more that bloggers make from your ads, the more space for ads you’ll have available as bloggers tell their friends which ad network to use. The more ad space you have, the more ads you’ll get… Tom Evslin, Too Much Revenue, Not Enough Growth, August, 2008. In the summer of 2008 – some nine […]

Joseph and I agree. Adtech is a complex society. And as such, you can foresee what happens next, Jonathan. Collapse.

“After the maturation over the past decade it is hard to see where to innovate and where display goes from here. There’s nothing as exciting and as transformative as RTB or Exchanges on the horizon… The Decade Of Display That Wasn’t 2007-2017, Jonathan Mendez. I’m grateful for Patrick Smith’s Twitter feed today for pointing me […]

Courtesy of Dr Johnny Ryan, Pagefair and GDPR, maybe what happens in Norwich gets to stay in Norwich, Rupert.

“In addition, “programmatic” advertising services that Google provides to advertisers and publishers under its DoubleClick business will be affected. Operating these under the GDPR would require not only that a user consents to Google’s use of data for advertising targeting purposes, but to the many other companies such as DMPs (data management platforms, DSPs (demand side platforms), […]

Collapse is the final, inevitable act of complexity, Matt. Now you stitch the ‘patchwork quilt’ together. Simply.

“The solution that’s emerging is so grassroots that it’s difficult to even know what already exists. Sites are being launched in tiny Midwestern towns and in big city neighborhoods by instant local news entrepreneurs who’ve never even heard of Nieman Lab or the Knight Foundation… A Recession Then A Collapse, Matt Derienzo, NiemanLab Predictions for […]