Johnny, Jason and I are of like minds…. when it comes to GDPR, the IAB and the wolves on Wall Street, trust no-one.

IAB Europe is asking publishers and brands to expose themselves to the legal risk of routinely sharing these personal data with several thousand adtech companies. What publishers and brands need is a “trust no one” approach. IAB Europe is proposing a “trust everyone” approach.

Johnny Ryan, Risks in IAB Europe’s proposed consent mechanism, 20.03.18

Let’s make things abundantly clear from the start. Everyone has a product to punt.

I have two.

A publishing site. MyFootballWriter. And a People’s Ad Network. Addiply.

A what? This.

So everyone has skin in this game. No-one is ‘innocent’.

Certainly not me, nor Dr Johnny Ryan from Pagefair. Nor Jason Kint from Digital Content Next.

I have Addiply to flog. Johnny has Perimeter to punt. Jason has tickets to sell.

But on certain days we three, in particular, tend to come to the same opinion.

When it comes to online advertising, trust no-one.

Which is why I have to give Johnny every credit for the quote above. It’s priceless.

And comes from this piece here. His reaction to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s latest ‘transparency and consent’ proposal.

Which can be found here.

And prompted Jason to run his own scathing assessment on behalf of his trade association of high-end publishers. A ‘non-starter’ was the headline; as telling was this observation:

“The IAB framework, which was submitted for industry commenting, was clearly designed by ad tech companies and included endorsement from 23 ad tech companies and, most notably, zero publishers…”

In particular, the notion that all liability rests with the publisher – who has zero control over the “CMPs, SSPs, DSPs, exchanges and how they use this data”.

Trust issues: So the publisher, WalesOnline, has to trust everyone in this ad network… really?

Run a Ghostery through your average provincial news site and you get a good impression of just how many actors you have to trust.

And given how many of them have links right into the heart of Wall Street, then unless you are a total schmuck like The Guardian when it comes to trusting Rubicon Project with your fees, you trust no-one.

Which is why, as a publisher, we built our own ad network rather than trust anyone else with our hard-earned audience.

There’s not a snowflake’s chance in Hell of me trusting Wall Street to advertise to my punters on MyFootballWriter.

No chance.

Nor do I trust the IAB, the IAB (UK) or IAB (Europe) with my audience and their data. All roads lead back to the wolves on Wall Street.

Which is why we’re taking our own path.

One that, hopefully, will prove simple and rewarding enough for other like minds to follow.

“By ripping out the invasive and costly complexities that bedevil the current advertising technology landscape with its rampant fraud and ‘fake ad’ friendly opacity, Addiply can then afford to make its simple and market-leading offer to web and mobile publishers – a straight 85% revenue return on any advertising spend driven through the platform. Addiply takes a mere 15% commission for facilitating that transaction…”

That’s our promise. What the ‘People’s Ad Network’ seeks to offer.

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