There is nothing uncanny or unnatural about a Norwich baby shop advertising on a Norwich sports site. It’s human interaction at its simplest and finest, Mark…

“Like the unease and discomfort people sometimes experience interacting with a not-quite-human-like robot, being targeted highly accurately by machines based on private, behavioral information that we never actively gave out feels creepy, uncomfortable, and unsettling. Jason Kelly, ‘We’re in the Uncanny Valley of Targeted Advertising’, Electronic Frontier Foundation, 20.04.18  The fall-out from Mark Zuckerberg’s two […]

Google wants to be the fat co-controller of my audience’s data on MyFootballWrtiter. Do I trust them with that role – or shall we do our own thing with Addiply? Hmmm…

“The policy work around the GDPR is not intended to allow the status quo to perpetuate. We all need to act responsibly, and we certainly did not expect it to be used to try and steal more value from publishers… Anonymous publishing executive to Digiday, Google’s GDPR Approach Raises Publisher Concerns, 16.04.18 I am a […]

David Dayen asking all the right questions in The New Republic – for whom does targeted advertising actually work, other than the bleedin’ obvious?

“The surveillance economy should die. This manner of advertising doesn’t serve the public and it’s not even clear it serves advertisers. It facilitates monopoly, as those with the biggest data troves receive all the ad dollars. That centralizes the potential for and magnitude of abuse… David Dayen, ‘Ban Targeted Advertising’, The New Republic, 10.04.18 Now […]

All credit to our Craig and BroadStreetAds – throwing commoditization and standardization out of the window is just sooooo Addiply. Sooooo 2018….

My pal Craig from ThisFrenchLife sent me this over the weekend. It’s an e-book from – ‘Ten Advantages — The Tested War Plan for Digital Ad Sales’ In the unlikely event anyone has 20 minutes or so to spare, I would thoroughly recommend it. And not for the first time, Craig got me thinking […]

Congratulations Nick Ascheim of NBC News. You get this. Loyalty is the new royalty ads-wise and it’s time to get selling…

“We stand today as a publishing industry, bruised by our own scale-ian pursuits, and still in search of a sustainable digital business model to call our own. As the fourth era of the Digital Age dawns, I believe there is a way. Scale still seduces, but there is hope in something even more basic than […]

28% revenue returns to ‘working media’ and 46% of ads are never seen. When will people see that programmatic advertising is a dying beast?

“Programmatically purchased ads routinely under-perform in terms of viewability when assessed against the Media Ratings Council standard. On average, almost half (46%) of programmatic ads are not viewable. Latest Warc Report Focus on Threats to the Digital Advertising Ecosystem,, 29.03.18   I’m grateful to ad fraud researcher extraordinaire Dr Augustine Fou for pointing me in the […]

Your average politician doesn’t understand the business model of the surveillance economy. The average Addiply publisher will, Andrew….

“I think this paralysis has been explained by sheer dazzlement – and, in some cases, infatuation – with the scale and reach of these companies. This has been combined with ignorance, among voters as well as their leaders, about how they actually work.   Your average politician thought “getting digital” meant opening a Twitter account, […]

In my humble opinion, Dame Cairncross should start drinking more beer. She might, just, get where the world of media is heading…

Let’s take Dame Frances Cairncross herself: her experience as a senior editor at The Economist and an economic columnist for The Guardian gives her plenty of insight into national business journals and broadsheets. But how aware is she of the paucity of the regional press, its lack of resources to staff local news properly, and […]

Johnny, Jason and I are of like minds…. when it comes to GDPR, the IAB and the wolves on Wall Street, trust no-one.

IAB Europe is asking publishers and brands to expose themselves to the legal risk of routinely sharing these personal data with several thousand adtech companies. What publishers and brands need is a “trust no one” approach. IAB Europe is proposing a “trust everyone” approach. Johnny Ryan, Risks in IAB Europe’s proposed consent mechanism, 20.03.18 Let’s […]

Rothenberg sees the EU ‘killing’ digital media. Behold the landscape the embattled IAB chief seeks to defend…

The basic functionality of the internet, which is built on data exchanges between a user’s computer and publishers’ servers, can no longer be used for the delivery of advertising unless the consumer agrees to receive the ads – but the publisher must deliver content to that consumer regardless… Randall Rothenberg, IAB ‘European regulators are about to […]