Zeynep seeks a simple solution to curb the power of almighty ad tech. We have a simple solution and it starts with a map…

“Ads can be attached to content, rather than directed to people: it’s fine to advertise scuba gear to me if I am on a divers’ discussion board, for example, rather than using my behavior on other sites to figure out that I’m a diver and then following me around everywhere I go—online or offline. How […]

All credit to Rae Howells for starting a conversation on Wales-wide news hubs. Now join the dots commercially with a local focused ad network…

We do need to have a conversation about this. One way or another, we all need to think about how we want our news landscape to look and how best it can serve us – and decide how we’re going to pay for it. Tweet by Rae Howells, 11.05.18 Today I managed to catch a […]

What does Addiply do? Cuts out the Lumascape entirely – no need for a Google-style CMP and a Dirty Dozen beauty parade from adtech’s finest

I hear Google’s DFP consent layer will only allow 12 ad tech vendors to be listed.  Are you one of the lucky 12?  @businessinsider has 32 ad tags on page.  Publisher revenue is going to take a hammering post may 25. cpokane (@cpokane) tweeted at 2:37 pm on Tue, May 01, 2018 For those unaware […]

We should grab a beer, Hero. Talk advertising for good. After all MuddyStilettos/Norfolk is just MyFootballWriter/NorwichCity in heels…

“The solution that’s emerging is so grassroots that it’s difficult to even know what already exists. Sites are being launched in tiny Midwestern towns and in big city neighborhoods by instant local news entrepreneurs who’ve never even heard of Nieman Lab or the Knight Foundation… A Recession Then A Collapse, Matt Derienzo, NiemanLab Predictions for […]

Google want me, the publisher, to refine my GDPR consent mechanism so I can introduce ‘Q’ to my audience to the benefit of a Quancast and their partners’ partners. FUBAR, folks. FUBAR.

“Under existing EU law, Google already requires publishers and advertisers to get consent from their end users for the use of our advertising services on their websites. We’re asking our partners to refine the way they get consent for the use of Google’s services on their sites, in line with GDPR guidance… Google spokesman to […]

There is nothing uncanny or unnatural about a Norwich baby shop advertising on a Norwich sports site. It’s human interaction at its simplest and finest, Mark…

“Like the unease and discomfort people sometimes experience interacting with a not-quite-human-like robot, being targeted highly accurately by machines based on private, behavioral information that we never actively gave out feels creepy, uncomfortable, and unsettling. Jason Kelly, ‘We’re in the Uncanny Valley of Targeted Advertising’, Electronic Frontier Foundation, 20.04.18  The fall-out from Mark Zuckerberg’s two […]

Google wants to be the fat co-controller of my audience’s data on MyFootballWrtiter. Do I trust them with that role – or shall we do our own thing with Addiply? Hmmm…

“The policy work around the GDPR is not intended to allow the status quo to perpetuate. We all need to act responsibly, and we certainly did not expect it to be used to try and steal more value from publishers… Anonymous publishing executive to Digiday, Google’s GDPR Approach Raises Publisher Concerns, 16.04.18 I am a […]

David Dayen asking all the right questions in The New Republic – for whom does targeted advertising actually work, other than the bleedin’ obvious?

“The surveillance economy should die. This manner of advertising doesn’t serve the public and it’s not even clear it serves advertisers. It facilitates monopoly, as those with the biggest data troves receive all the ad dollars. That centralizes the potential for and magnitude of abuse… David Dayen, ‘Ban Targeted Advertising’, The New Republic, 10.04.18 Now […]

All credit to our Craig and BroadStreetAds – throwing commoditization and standardization out of the window is just sooooo Addiply. Sooooo 2018….

My pal Craig from ThisFrenchLife sent me this over the weekend. It’s an e-book from BroadStreetAds.com – ‘Ten Advantages — The Tested War Plan for Digital Ad Sales’ In the unlikely event anyone has 20 minutes or so to spare, I would thoroughly recommend it. And not for the first time, Craig got me thinking […]

Congratulations Nick Ascheim of NBC News. You get this. Loyalty is the new royalty ads-wise and it’s time to get selling…

“We stand today as a publishing industry, bruised by our own scale-ian pursuits, and still in search of a sustainable digital business model to call our own. As the fourth era of the Digital Age dawns, I believe there is a way. Scale still seduces, but there is hope in something even more basic than […]